Information about Aromatherapy for Dogs

Using aromatherapy for treating dogs is very popular and it is being done ever since it has been discovered that they are good for this purpose as well. Aromatherapy is able to relieve your dogs from skin irritation, ear infections, flea/tick infestation, hyperactivity, and other things that cause your dog to be inconvenient. Through the years, using aromatherapy to handle certain dog health problems is becoming more recognized as a very safe treatment alternative to certain conditions that is experienced by your dog. There is also aromatherapy oil diffuser that you can buy from online or stores which can help in treating your dogs.

It’s more than just making them smell good

Since essential oils are 100% pure, their therapeutic and medicinal properties are the same if you know how to use them properly because they can be very effective in treating certain dog health problems. You will be able to treat certain skin irritations and even motion sickness. They are also known to treat behavioral problems in dogs because of their calming effect. Certain oil blends are also used to create a synergized effect.

What is aromatherapy for dogs all about?

This pertains to using 100% pure essential oils and hydrosols for a safer treatment when it comes to behavioral and physical problems in dogs. This goes to show that aromatherapy isn’t just found in grooming products that have essential oil contents. There is more to that because it is about using 100% pure essential oils for treating your dog. Avoid buying low-cost essential oil because they contain synthetic properties that can be harmful for you and your dog. You will not get a complete effect and the synthetic properties can do more harm than good because of their chemical substances. Also check out the best fish oil for dogs reviews.

Hydrosols and essential oils

Essential oils are evaporative substances found in glandular hairs, sac, or veins that come from different parts of plants. These are the leaves, bark, roots, flowers, fruit, or even seeds. It is the essence of that particular plant that gives a unique smell to the plant. When essential oils are extracted, several methods are used. They perform steam distillation, solvent extraction, manual expression, and carbon dioxide extraction. In contrast to common misconceptions, these essential oils do not feel oily at all due to their high-concentration and should be diluted before use. Essential oils do not have the same properties and when it comes to scent, color, healing effects, and chemical components. If you are going to look at essential oils in a physical aspect, they are antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, good for detoxifying, and anti-inflammatory. If you will consider its emotional aspect, essential oils can either stimulate or make you sleepy.  

Hydrosol is a water-based byproduct that comes from the steam distillation process of essential oils. Parts of plants that are water-soluble and some components of essential oils make-up hydrosol. They are less-concentrated compared to essential oils so they can be used without being diluted or you can add essential oils to them. This is a good alternative to essential oil if you have a sensitive dog or cat because of the potency of essential oils.

Are essential oils safe for dogs?

Essential oils are very potent and they should be used on dogs with extra caution. Do not put too much and you should always use a carrier to dilute them. Examples of carrier oils are sweet almond oil, olive oil, and the like. If you want to use essential oils for dogs, they should always be diluted before application. They have therapeutic properties that can really help treat certain ailments in dogs. One reminder is that there is a number of essential oils that you should never use on your dog whether diluted or not.

Do not use these essential oils on dogs:

  • Wintergreen/birch – There are certain formulas of written on websites say that these essential oils are both good for relieving joint pains and even arthritis. They are safe for humans, but have been proven to be toxic because of their methyl salicylate content. If ingested, it can lead to death due to severe poisoning.
  • Wormwood – Herb and the oil wormwood have a level of toxicity that are not good for pets and you should never let your pets come in contact with them. Even if there have been suggestions about using wormwood for treating worm infestation, there have been studies saying that they lead to renal failure in humans. There is also a finding that they can lead to seizures and have a high level of oral and dermal toxicity.


It is important that you know how to use aromatherapy for dogs to avoid any effects that might be fatal to them if you put too much. These essential oils will give relief to your dogs as long as applied properly.

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