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The babies are not enough 12 months of age that ought to be fed breast milk or formula, according to AAP – American Academy of Pediatrics. You should know that no other kind of milk can provide all nutrients in order to grow an optimal way. Using the breast milk as a standard, the formula companies have released the products, frequently based on cow milk. In general, it also contains carbohydrates, proteins, and fats with a ratio close to breast milk. Hence, some other nutrients like vitamins and minerals are also added as long as it is close to human milk. In several recent studies, some ingredients in breast milk were not known in the previous time, but few companies have now added their formula and advertised as a new product or an improved one.

ARA and DHA are recently added. Let’s read labels a careful manner so as to know the ingredients the inside of the chosen brand. When choosing to purchase the formula for the baby, the best is to select milk-based because the majority of babies can tolerate them and the affordable price in comparison with the specialized formula. In case the using formula are not tolerated by your baby, mothers should consult a doctor. In spite of soy based on the ingredients of the formula to maintain growth, phytoestrogens in soy can affect the growth of your baby; even, the process of absorbing calcium and zinc is also hindered. Therefore, fathers or mothers should only supplement soy formula when the doctor allows.
For allergic babies, specialized formulas are pretty expensive are used on the medical recommendation.


You use the formula to fee your love baby, don’t you? Well, the essential equipment consists of the nipples, bottles, and best bottle sterilizer for sterilizing. At present, the styles and types of bottles are various. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can pick up one properly.

Bottles with disposable liners are easy to use and clean. Of course, they are relatively expensive because you will buy during the months that he/she feed bottle. As a whole, with lightweight, the plastic bottles are not difficult to clean, by using warm soapy water and a brush. Lately, a couple of news articles have mentioned to the dangers of a chemical – BPA. It will absorb into milk from the plastic bottles; especially, when they are heated. Even though the bottles are assumed that do not cause danger to your baby by the FDA, you can still learn the different one to make sure the safe for babies.

You should know that the types of nipples are to depend on the babies. For the younger babies, you ought to select the nipples with a slow flow. If milk flows with a fast speed, the baby can be choked. When the nipples are worn, you need to have to replace a new one. If you baby is teething, you should check the nipple frequently because he/she can chew it.
Formula preparation

When mentioning to the formula, there are 3 forms – powder, ready to feed, and concentrate. The easiest to utilize must say to ready to feed formula. You can store at the room temperature until opening. Nonetheless, compared to two remaining types, it is more expensive. At once, you can directly feed when coming from the can; instead of mixing with water prior to feeding like two remaining forms. It must ensure the accuracy of the quantity of water in order that milk is neither too concentrated nor too dilute. A couple of pediatricians recommend that should boil the water before feeding your baby.

On the other hand, some others recognize that the water is ok when it is ensured the safe for drinking. If you wonder, you can consult a doctor. Let’s be careful! Recent reports have warned about the powder formula (because it is not sterile) with the capacity of contamination by Enterobacter sakazakii – a bacteria is able to cause infections at every age, especially, the infants. The WHO recommends that the formula feeding your baby ought to be concentrate or feed.

The owdered formula being used for an infant needs to be prepared with the almost boiling water or boiling water. And then, you cool them before prior to feeding so as to kill the bacteria if had. In additional to that, you should keep cold the formula until you feed your baby. Let’s discard the remaining milk in the bottle after feeding! Don’t heat the baby bottles in your microwave because your baby can be burned by hot spots. In case a microwave is used, let’s ensure that you must shake the bottle evenly in order to mix the formula an entire way.

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