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Information about Aromatherapy for Dogs

Using aromatherapy for treating dogs is very popular and it is being done ever since it has been discovered that they are good for this purpose as well. Aromatherapy is able to relieve your dogs from skin irritation, ear infections, flea/tick infestation, hyperactivity, and other things that cause your dog to be inconvenient. Through the years, using aromatherapy to handle certain dog health problems is becoming more recognized as a very safe treatment alternative to certain conditions that is experienced by your dog. There is also aromatherapy oil diffuser that you can buy from online or stores which can help in treating your dogs.

It’s more than just making them smell good

Since essential oils are 100% pure, their therapeutic and medicinal properties are the same if you know how to use them properly because they can be very effective in treating certain dog health problems. You will be able to treat certain skin irritations and even motion sickness. They are also known to treat behavioral problems in dogs because of their calming effect. Certain oil blends are also used to create a synergized effect.

What is aromatherapy for dogs all about?

This pertains to using 100% pure essential oils and hydrosols for a safer treatment when it comes to behavioral and physical problems in dogs. This goes to show that aromatherapy isn’t just found in grooming products that have essential oil contents. There is more to that because it is about using 100% pure essential oils for treating your dog. Avoid buying low-cost essential oil because they contain synthetic properties that can be harmful for you and your dog. You will not get a complete effect and the synthetic properties can do more harm than good because of their chemical substances. Also check out the best fish oil for dogs reviews.

Hydrosols and essential oils

Essential oils are evaporative substances found in glandular hairs, sac, or veins that come from different parts of plants. These are the leaves, bark, roots, flowers, fruit, or even seeds. It is the essence of that particular plant that gives a unique smell to the plant. When essential oils are extracted, several methods are used. They perform steam distillation, solvent extraction, manual expression, and carbon dioxide extraction. In contrast to common misconceptions, these essential oils do not feel oily at all due to their high-concentration and should be diluted before use. Essential oils do not have the same properties and when it comes to scent, color, healing effects, and chemical components. If you are going to look at essential oils in a physical aspect, they are antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, good for detoxifying, and anti-inflammatory. If you will consider its emotional aspect, essential oils can either stimulate or make you sleepy.   (more…)

Meyer 5-star Cookware Centers

Meyer Corp has created an overall marketing identity for its five cookware brands. Meyer is marketing the brands under the name Meyer 5-Star and is encouraging retailers to display the products in their own space centered around a video kiosk. Meyer 5-Star includes the brands Circulon, Circulon Commercial, Steelon, Steelon Professional and Anolon, all of which were previously under the LeCook’s-Ware division. This is the first time that the brands have been marketed under a collective name.

Meyer Corp. is bringing its brands together

It has created an overall marketing identity, Meyer 5-Star, for five high-end cookware brands and is pitching retailers on the idea of displaying those brands in a new cookware center, which is built around an interactive video kiosk.

The brands–Circulon, Circulon Commercial, Steelon, Steelon Professional and Anolon–had been under Meyer’s LeCook’s-Ware division, but have never before been marketed under a collective name.

In the Pot

* Anolon: Hard anodized aluminum with advanced reinforced Du Pont nonstick coating; glass lids, phenolic handles, lifetime warranty; suggested price point $249 for an eight-piece set

* Circulon: Hard anodized aluminum cookware with distinctive high/low patented nonstick surface; stainless steel lids, phenolic handles, 10-year warranty; suggested price point is $229 on an eight-piece set

* Circulon Commercial: Heavyweight, hard anodized aluminum cookware with Circulon high/low surface coated with Du Pont’s Autograph nonstick; heavy-duty stainless steel lids and cast stainless steel riveted handles, lifetime warranty; suggested price point $399 for an eight-piece set.

* Steelon: 18/10 stainless steel cookware coated with Du Pont’s Autograph nonstick surface finished in a grid high/low pattern; glass lids, phenolic handles, 20-year warranty; suggested promotional price point $169 for a seven-piece set.

* Steelon Professional: 18/10 stainless steel cookware coated with Autograph nonstick in grid high/low pattern; glass lids, stainless steel handles, 20-year warranty; suggested retail price $199 for eight-piece set.

* New promotional price points (more…)

Juicier Home Kitchens


For enjoyable dining at home, a well-designed kitchen with good appliances is a necessity. One of the more useful food accessories is the juicer.

Juicier Home Kitchens

Juicers are designed to separate juices in fruits and vegetables from their pulp. The best extract more amounts of tasty juice than the rest and also easily discard the remains. Juicing may or may not be necessary or even that healthy, and there’s no question that “drinking” your produce is no substitute for eating them whole with most fiber intact. Drinking a lot fruit juice does lead to much sugar consumption, so health-focused users should produce their juices more with vegetables than fruits.

That said, drinking juices is an efficient way of increasing nutrient intake. Some users add back some of the pulp and even use it for cooking. Vegetable juice mixes also tend to taste better than most vegetables as is.

Types of Juicers

Manual juicers are basic tool for when you need to extract a little lemon-lime or orange juice at times but don’t care to store bottles of the stuff. Many are handheld models which you place fruit in and then squeeze, others are countertop units with a small bowl into which the fruit is manually pressed. The pricier models tend to be more efficient and durable. These types are great tools for home bars as they are ideal for customizing mixed drinks.

Electric citrus juicers have small electric mechanisms which scour juices out of most citrus fruits. The better designs can handle the load of multiple batches, but even budget models can produce enough fresh orange juice or lemonade for a family. Many are not built for heavy use and none will work for juicing non-citrus fruits, but most do have built-in strainers.

Centrifugal juicers are the most popular type, for they can handle a large variety of produce most quickly and efficiently. The best models are easier to use and clean and are better at extracting more juice with less waste. Centrifugal units are more expensive and noisier than other types, though.

Masticating juicers are designed to extract juice from tough vegetables. Most can be also be good for grinding nut butters, spices, baby foods and even extruding pasta. The advantage they have is their crushing process, which slowly extracts every bit of green juice without need for heat. Many believe the extended process helps to keep enzymes and nutrients locked in.


  • Versatility. The type of juicer needed will depend on whether it’s intended for mostly juicing wheatgrass or other fibrous greens, or for processing more varieties of fruits and vegetables. Masticating juicers do often perform other duties normally assigned to centrifugal juicers, and can be a great value.
  • Wider feed tube. A wider opening minimizes the amount of slicing or dicing needed before juicing, saving much prep time.
  • Dishwasher-ready. Parts which can go into the dishwasher are more readily cleaned down to their slits and crannies, where leftover pulp tends to get stuck.
  • Multiple speeds. Centrifugal juicers with extra speeds at slower rates can make juicing greens more efficient.
  • Stable base. Some inexpensive models are known to vibrate enough to “walk” across counters when running big jobs, and a heavier base helps prevent this.